Cannabis Inspired Artwork

Custom Strain Paintings

All art work is hand painted with acrylics on canvas. The paintings are then textured with fine lines of hand mixed glitter, custom to each piece, to add 3-d sugary trichomes.

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Other Cannabis-Related Artwork

Zombies and skulls and glass pieces, oh my! I do so enjoy everything I create that is cannabis related! Glass piece paintings are a great way to commemorate your favorite pieces that may have been sacrificed to the glass gods and I simply adore painting them. Message me for special requests and commission pieces!

PA Medical Card Certification Events


Twice a year, the studio hosts PA Medical Card Certification Events for those interested in becoming  registered medical patient to utilize local legal-cannabis dispensaries. Studio patrons benefit from discounted certification fees with Dr. Annie Folgueras from Penn Highlands Healthcare and are given the opportunity to come to a safe environment to ask questions about dispensary products and learn about the process to get certified. You can register for your card here OR renew your previous certification if it's about that time! Below is an updated list of current PA qualifying conditions:

What will you need? 

*Driver's License/ State ID

*Proof of past prescription (written prescription or an old bottle with your name and info on it)

*$$$- Card or Cash is acceptable  

   NEW PATIENT: $165 Doctor's Fee + $50 State Registration Card Fee

   RENEW CERTS: $100 Doctor's Fee + $50 State Registration Card Fee


   NEW PATIENT: $100 doctor's fee +$50 State Registration Card Fee

   RENEW CERTS: $75 Doctor's Fee + $50 State Registration Card Fee

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no dispensary product vendors at these events.  This is strictly for certification and educational purposes and we already have solid legal hemp and CBD products within our network. If you are looking to vend your products, I have plenty of event resources and suggestions upon request to get you in the right direction. Thank you for understanding.

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