Professional Wall Design

Behold! The Samuel Miller Mansion located above the ART Printing Company located in Columbia, PA. Somehow the universe brought me into the company of owners Chris and Amy Raudabaugh, and MY what things we have created together ever since! It has been an absolute dream come true to work in a historical building of such value and help bring it back to life.

What started out as a few canvas paintings turned into the entire restoration of a 200 year old brick tunnel and the designing of a beautiful victorian sitting parlor for Columbia's number one ghost hunting experience, Ghost Tours on Locust St. 

Alongside my own studio, ART Printing Company, and Ghost Tours on Locust St., my murals can be found in other local businesses like Cafe 301 and private homes. You can use paint to transform your world, whether it be your business or as close to home as your kitchen. 

York Day Nursery Cafeteria

Samuel Miller Mansion Sitting Parlor and Tunnel

WHAT. A. BLAST. Huge thank you to York Day Nursery for this opportunity to create an entire space. I haven't felt this complete since I designed the Scooby Room (if you don't know, you should probably scroll down and check it out later). Some artists are satisfied with a single wall to paint on but when you are given the freedom of the whole room you can entirely recreate the experience for every person who walks through the door. Not to mention, working together to make the space interactive with mirrors was a whole heck of a lot of fun. The people here really care for the kids who come their way and it was a pleasure to be a part of it. 

Before and After photos of Victorian Sitting Parlor at Ghost Tours on Locust

Brick Tunnel Restoration and ART Printing Company Progress Photos

Misc. Mural Work and Shenanigans

After creating all over the walls of my own studio space and the mural at the Nursery , I had a fair amount of freedom to do as I wanted with the designs. I truly believe that enjoying the subject and process is important for the artist to build a solid piece. Especially with an entire room as a canvas. So why not let you know ahead of time what I would enjoy so one of you might be able to pick it up and roll with it? Prices will vary with wall sizes.

Single Wall Mural Ideas:

* Pirate ship- On board perspective- Viewer is on board the ship looking behind a crowd of life size shipmates all trying to watch someone walk the plank- Center of room long point down plank to tiny little person with blindfold. Giant anchor and rope along top and left side of wall.

* Old Cartographers map- Whole wall made to look like old parchment paper- Two large spheres of different sides of the earth- slightly muted color pallet with bold colors like deep maroons, mustard yellows, and emerald greens. Giant compass and chain resting somewhere as if laid on top of the map with shadowing. Possibly use liquid Gold Leaf on outer edges for decoration and fancy inky looking decor. Need wall space approx. 3 x 5 ratio in size.


* Alice in Wonderland- Dark forest looking down path- Signs on one side pointing in ridiculous directions- Closest tree arching over has a chesh cat smile- White rabbit running away from you down trail in vest with pocket watch- Open to adding to this idea if you have them or particular things from the story you want to include.


* Galaxy wall- Self explanatory- stick to 3 colors of choice to add into wall space- Splatter entire wall. Add on life sized object randomly floating in void. Simple and inexpensive.


*Giant Bob Ross Style Landscape- Must include lavender purple mountains, water, and side pines.


*Giant Spider Wall- Black background with thin silver webbing in corners- Large spiders in random places around wall space. Simple and inexpensive.


* Dark wall with life size lamppost with lantern and wooden park bench. Stack of books on right side of bench. You choose the titles. Simple and inexpensive.



Know anyone looking for some wall work? Share away! I love working with other people's ideas! Message my page for pricing and time frames. Will depend on wall space available.