Tea and Tarot Readings


1 Hour reading (12 Card Spread)- $50

1/2 Hour reading (12 Card Spread)- $30

15 Minute reading (3 card spread)- $15

Daily Card- $5 (Zoom/ FB Video Chat only)

Tarot readings are a fantastic way to learn about yourself, consider your current circumstances in a realistic light, and make difficult decisions. Sometimes you just need a good cup of tea/ coffee, a new person to talk to, and a new perspective to figure out those hard to handle moments in life. Therapists can be expensive and the cards have a funny way of making us look at our lives from the outside in. People rarely come to me for readings because they feel GOOD about what is to come. Knowing how hard it is to talk to somebody when times get rough, I've decided to add the comfort of tea and coffee to my readings. Schedule your appointment to come in to the studio or meet at your favorite local coffee spot. (Zoom readings also available, but in person is definitely more fun...)

After several readings and a few requests for more information, I decided to include Tarot readings on my site so people have an opportunity to learn a little more about them, what they are, what they aren't, and how it can be useful. Here's how it works.

1. You drink some tea and chill for a few minutes, talk about why you are here and the things you are trying to learn about yourself.

2. When you are ready, I walk you through a simple breathing exercise to help you quiet the mind and focus your thoughts.


3. YOU shuffle the cards as long as you feel necessary until satisfied.

4. I lay out the spread for you based on your appt. needs (1 hour, half hour, 15 min., etc.)

5. We break down the layout card by card to discuss how they may relate to your situation and each other in the spread.

6. You leave feeling a little bit better about where you are going and for having gotten all that crap off your chest.

Here are some key notes to consider and think about during your reading:


This is a big one! A lot of people hear the words "tarot cards" and they immediately think us readers are some psychic gypsy women who tell the future and already know all of your secrets. I love when people think if they don't say anything, they can "catch" us trying to scam people. You are really only duping yourselves and wasting your money if you come into a reading with this attitude. I'm sorry to take some of the fun away, but none of these things are necessarily true.

The fact is, the cards themselves do most of the work. Us readers provide insight based on our own knowledge about each card and what it represents. We are just the interpreters of the energy that YOU put into them when YOU first shuffle the deck. Knowing what each of the cards represent and feel like, we can help you connect what is going on in your life to the spread if you are comfortable enough to open up and talk about it. The more you can tell me in the beginning, the more in depth I can be with your reading and help you connect to the imagery in your cards. Only YOU know what goes on inside your head. But I can certainly help you organize it, point out the major obstacles, and help you figure out where you are going. 


I could start every reading by telling you all of the wonderful things about myself, what makes me so good at what I do, how long I've been reading for, who all I've read for, fighting for validation before we even begin the reading, during a time that is meant to be spent helping YOU. It drives me nuts when I sit down with another reader to have my own cards handed to me and I have to listen to the reader talk about themselves. Heads up folks, THAT is a scam. Any reader that is here for YOU will not waste your time talking about themselves. You are already here. You already made the appointment. You already formed that trust and made that decision to be here. Let's skip the guru mumbo jumbo and jump right into why you are here. Sit down. Drink some tea. Chill out. Let's do some digging.


Domino Scenario: You wake up 10 minutes after you are already supposed to be at work. You spill coffee all over your pants in the car. You have to stop and get gas. The morning is already quite a wreck. As you are walking into the gas station, you notice an elderly woman slowly making her way to the door. A few things could happen depending on your attitude and vibes:

1. You get stuck behind her moving at the pace of a turtle, you are in a rush, you never got to drink that coffee, you walk around her and rush to the door, mumbling something about how annoyed you are. She hears you make a slightly rushed and rude statement about her. It makes her grumpy, too. She approaches the register with that grumpy feeling. The cashier becomes grumpy too. And everyone else that cashier interacts with for the rest of the day.

2. You take a deep breath and run ahead to hold the door for her. She smiles and says thank you. She offers to buy your coffee after waiting in line. The cashier remarks how nice it was of her to do that. It inspires the next person to pay for someone else's coffee. And your one positive act creates a positive chain that can end up affecting hundreds of people that day.

It all starts with our thoughts and how we choose to control and project them. Look how one simple act in the beginning of the day can affect a hundred people... this is a very powerful concept for a very powerful you!

When I first give you the deck to shuffle and concentrate on your reading, be mindful of what you want to get out of them. Make sure you are focusing your thoughts and putting that energy into your cards so you can receive the most accurate reading from them. 


This one tends to boggle minds. Just because the spread says it's probably not going to end well, doesn't mean it has to.  Your spread tells you where you are headed based on the decisions and choices you are currently making in your life right NOW. This is not set in stone and you can change it! Don't like the outcome? Make different life choices. And come back for another reading in a few months. <3 



When focusing while shuffling, I tell people to consider asking a specific "What if..." question. Yes or no questions can be answered with a simple one card pull and you get more accurate readings from a full spread if you give the cards a specific situation to consider rather than several different outcomes and options to get confused with. 


The cards are SOOOOOOO good at telling us what we need to hear rather than what we WANT to hear. Whether we are lacking in our communications with others, being played like a violin, or sending ourselves further down our own rabbit holes, the cards are going to tell you. And we don't always like having to face necessary changes in ourselves. So be prepared to do some serious reflecting. It is super common for individuals to tear up and cry during our longer readings. We often dig pretty deep and touch on things we need to unbury and resolve. And it's ok. <3


Privacy is a highly-valued virtue for a reader. I've had people come to me for readings involving career choices, relationship/ sexual issues, family quarrels, and everything in between. Everything discussed during your reading stays between us and the cards. I value your time here with me and I know how difficult it can be to open up and share your life with another human.  That's why I added tea/ coffee and a comfortable place to unload to the deal. I'm no therapist, but I can offer a pretty darn good ear. Sometimes that's all we need. With or without the cards. Take them with a grain of salt but pay attention to your own reactions to them. This is where your work begins.


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